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We are a fin-tech company which is into designing Alpha generation Algorithms (Strategies) in the capital markets. Strategies are Algorithmic Logic that reads the market data (e.g. price, volume) on and reacts on them to formulate trading Signals using pre-defined rules. Strategies may involve Technical /Fundamental Analysis or other Alternative Data such as Open Interest, Volatility. We also offer services in designing and development of algorithms such as back-testing, model validation and automated order routing which connects to Exchange via Trading APIs (Bridges).



  •  Alpha Generation Algorithms (DNC Portfolio)

  •  Execution Algorithms.


  •  Market Data Feed Handler

  •  Order Router

  •  Model Validation


  •  Corporate Programs (Customised) related to Algo Trading

  •  Algo Trading Lectures at B-Schools, Exchanges, Training Institutes



Investing or trading using Algorithms is not free from market / technology and other risks. Understanding the risks and drawdowns of an algorithm are necessary. Algorithmic performance of the past does not guarantee future performance. Any performance statistics in this website are based on historical data and may or may not be repeated in future.


Totally Rule Based

Superior Execution

Strong Risk Management


What Is The Dravyaniti (DNC) Portfolio?

It is a bouquet of model algorithms that deploys multiple trading strategies for various asset classes like the Stock Futures, NSE Cash across sectors.

Who Is It for?

What asset classes and markets does it Trade?

Our systems are modelled on Single Stock Futures and Cash Equities on NSE currently. We will soon be adding Indices and other markets.

Why do I need Dravyaniti DNC Portfolio?

Simple. If you’re account has not seen substantial growth during both rising and falling markets then our automated trading systems are the solution for consistent gains, no matter the market direction. Even if you are doing well on your portfolio and have seen substantial growth during both rising and falling markets, you may want to consider our solutions to give you a diversification / hedge.

Should I leave my Current Advisor or Broker?

Not necessarily. If you have something that is working for you, you don’t need to stop it. Our system should be viewed as a diversification tool and an alternative investment. The golden rule for investing is to never put all your money into one basket (investment).

Only a portion of your investment capital should be used with any investment strategy. You may want to keep the majority of your capital with your advisor and broker while having the DNC Portfolio trading a portion of your capital with the brokerage firms where we have automated trading plug-ins. Once you get more comfortable with our systems, you may want to consider deploying higher portions with us.

Can I Make Money In a Falling Market?

Yes, DNC Portfolio uses multiple trading strategies designed just for falling prices that allow it to profit during a falling market (corrections or bear market). This is done through the use of short selling.

What Brokers are we connected to at the moment?

Interactive Brokers, India Infoline, SMC. We will soon be connected to Upstox

What is the minimum capital needed?

Our portfolios require a minimum of Rs.10 lacs to deploy with on any single Algorithm and Rs.25 lacs for the DNC Portfolio

Is DNC a registered SEBI Investment Advisor?

We use the SEBI registered Authorised Person route where Brokers provide that. All our algorithms are currently deployed after meeting regulatory requirements such as approval of algorithm, where needed. This ensures that our algorithms meet all safeguards and risk checks as necessary as per SEBI guidelines. We are in the process of applying for the SEBI IA license.

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